MyKey 2000 Ltd. - Ready to move in all in one hand [váltás magyar nyelvre]

We, the MyKey 2000 Ltd. offer professionals and provide a recommendation for the client's real estate repair, renovation and construction.

To eliminate gaps of intermediation, we take the full administration of the works.

We offer all services at general construction from planning to key handover, with all permitting and administration process! 


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MYKEY2000 offers the following services:

- Full range of interior design and construction.

- Painting works.

- Cladding works.

- Masonry work.

- Drywall installation works.


Water and sewer installation:

Construction of water and sewage pipelines, complete and partial replacement of the building (dwelling) and elsewhere.

- Bathrooms construction, renovation, fittings.

- Plumbing work plan implementation.

- Sewage pump, congestion relief.

Electrical installation work:

- Electrical Troubleshooting homes, buildings.

- Electrical design works as planned.

Glazing works:

- Glass Replacement

- Glazing of new windows and doors

Metal works executing as planned.

Carpentry projects executing as planned.

- Doors and windows repair.

Roofing works:

- Repairs (climbing technology).

- Gutter installation, repair, replacement.

- Putting tiling and repair.

- Façade Improvement, plastering and painting.

Gas Installation work planning and execution.

Air conditioning and ventilation design work, construction.

Security camera and alarm networks:

- Consultancy, providing design and construction services.


- Tree cutting and pruning delivery to.


- The company's and horticultural services for private condominium gardens and public areas.


- Basements, buildings, warehouses, etc. and removal of bulky containers.


- The company's thorough, professional cleaning service and warranty for residential houses, offices and business houses.


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E-mail: Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.
Mobiltelefon: +36 (30) 348-2888, +36 (30) 700-5656
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